Meaghan Gross


Meaghan began designing interiors at a very young age.  Coming home, her mother never knew what to expect.  While the other girls were looking for something to do, Meaghan was rearranging the furniture.  Again.  It's what she does.  Educated with honors in the highly regarded Interior Design program at BCC, this is one designer who crosses the T's and dots the I's before the colors come out.  She brings a keen intelligence to the interior art she creates for her clients and it is why her services are in demand by architects, custom home builders and savvy homeowners alike. Meaghan's creative problem solving and knowledge of materials make her the consummate professional on any budget.  And as nice as the spaces she creates are to look at, often her clients say the real beauty of her work is living in it.  The only thing you might enjoy more than the designs she creates is spending the time with her to do it.  It's what she does.